1. Unbox

Verify the contents of the box:

- Device (the REC200 should be in a protective foam)

- Power supply

2. Connections

Apply the required connections: a source such as camera connected on the SDI or HDMI input, eventually a display connected to the HDMI loop out, the REC200 RJ45 port connected with a network cable to the local network (switch, router)  or to a PC. For recording, connect a SD card and/or a USB key in the REC200 front panel (both storage devices should be previously formated to FAT32)


3. Power

Wait until the REC200 is booted up. This process takes approximately 35 seconds to 1 minute to complete.

4. Operation

 You can control the REC200 either by its Web Gui, either from its front panel as described briefly below:

Web Gui

1. Open a webbrowser and enter the default ip address of the REC200 (see below). The browser will connect to the unit. (Make sure that the ip address of your computer has been put in the same subnet range of the REC200, otherwise the REC200 is not able to connect to your local network or computer. For a detailed guide how to set up your PC to access a device in another subnet, have a look here)

2. A login page will appear. Fill in the default Username and Password:

Default IP address 

Default Username and Password admin / admin

Front panel

The front panel can be accessed by pushing the [MENU] Button on the REC200.

1. Use the arrow buttons to move the cursor to the item to be set.

2. Press the [OK] button to enter the corresponding sub-menu, or save the configuration. Press [Menu] to go back.

REC200 Front Panel

For more explanations, please refer to the REC200 User manual.

*** Take the following precautions to prevent the Product from falling down which may cause injuries:

• Set up this Product on a hard, stable surface, or mount it to a wall or ceiling.

• ONLY use an Avonic mount for mounting to a wall or ceiling.

• Ensure the mounting construction is capable of supporting four times the weight of the Product. (See 'General Specifications > Weight product’ in the Product Datasheet for the exact weight.)

• Use a safety loop or drop protection that prevents the Product from falling if the mounting construction fails.

• During mounting and installation, NEVER install a Product above a person.

• Check the installation at least once a year. An improper mounting could cause the unit to fall off, resulting in personal injury.