Open the "Onvif Device Manager" software and at the top left corner enter yours credentials to access the cameras (by default Name is "admin" and Password is "admin"). 

To add a camera, click on ADD at the bottom left corner and in the windows pop up enter "" and click APPLY

* being the default Avonic camera IP address

* 2000 is the ONVIF port number as indicated in the web gui of the camera: NETWORK > Port settings:

Then, from the cameras menu on the left select your preferred camera and click on the "LIVE VIDEO" tab to display its IP stream

In the example below, we will use the 'NDI_Test_Cam' on IP address

Onvif Device Manager can prove to be a useful tool in setting up your system, in the screenshot below we've selected the "PTZ Control" tab where there is a PTZ control and the possibility to store and recall presets.