VLC is a great free video playback software that we use a lot internally to quickly retrieve a stream from the camera.

Make sure your camera is all set up and running. Have a look at our quick-guide section to get started.

Once you're all set up, log in to the WebGUI of the camera by browsing to its IP address. Navigate to Video and have a look at the Video Encoder settings as seen below:

video encoder

The part to copy is the 'stream name' which by default is 'live/av0' and 'live/av1' for the second stream.

Next, you'll want to open VLC and press CTRL+N or navigate to Media -> Open Network Stream.  and enter the RTSP address for the stream, and hit 'Play'. In our default case it would be:


Open Media

Pro tip: note the 'Show more options' tickbox and lower the default Caching to decrease the default 1second of decoding latency on your stream. Depending on your network quality, you can lower it to about 200ms or even less in some cases.