Press and hold the [MENU] button untill the controller display shows ‘Camera OSD on/off’:

If a camera is connected to the controller and correctly configured, the OSD of the camera will be displayed on the monitor (below the OSD menu of the CM7x-IP (displayed on the HDMI and SDI outputs):

NOTE: the [MENU] button will be lit red and turns off after a moment. The controller is now ready to navigate the OSD of the camera. The [JOYSTICK] navigates up and down through the menu. To choose an menu item, twist the [JOYSTICK] to TELE (clockwise). To change a value of a menu setting, move the [JOYSTICK] to the left or the right. To move the menu up one level, twist the [JOYSTICK] to WIDE (anticlockwise) or use the [MENU] button.

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