Launch vMix and add a new input, choose Stream/SRT on the left-hand side. In this example, the camera that is going to be used can be found on local IP address The default RTSP stream can be picked up by using the link rtsp:// 


Press OK when you're done and the next screen will appear:

RTSP link

Choose 'PTZ' on the left hand side to enter the PTZ settings for the camera, Choose 'Sony VISCA over IP'  as Device Type, and enter the IP address of the camera 

Press [Connect] 

PTZ Control

After the camera is connected, it's possible to control the camera and create vMix presets as inputs. Keep in mind that the inputs are specifically created by and for vMix, they will not be stored inside the camera. Each preset will be saved as an individual input in vMix. By adjusting the slider 'Position Speed' the speed between the vMix presets is adjustable. 

Sony VISCA over IP