In this example we're going to install two cameras with Visca addresses 3 and 5 to camera numbers 1 and 2 on the Avonic CON100. 

Begin to set the Visca addresses in the cameras. Either use the WebGUI or the OSD to set the Visca address: 

Visca address no.3 via WebGUI:

Serial Settings

Visca address no.3 via OSD:


Address no.5 via WebGUI:

Serial Settings2

Visca address no5. via OSD:


Make note of the Baudrate setting, it is needed when installing the cameras in the controller.

The most important thing to remember when installing the Avonic CON100 is that the Visca address of the camera and the camera number on the CON100 are not the same.


The camera number on the CON100 is an arbitrary choice, user dependant. Usually, the camera number is equal to the Visca address as 1,2,3 is a logical follow order, but it does not have to be. 

In the steps below we will address the two above cameras with Visca address 3 and 5 to camera numbers 1 and 2 on the CON100.

1. Press [SETUP] on the CON100. It will prompt you to enter the administrator pin, 111111 by default. 


2. Choose menu option 'Camera Setting' by scrolling through the options using the PTZ joystick, press [ENTER] 


3. Choose the camera number. 

In this example we were going to put camera with Visca address number 3 under camera number 1 on the CON100. Choose [1] and [ENTER] to start configuring camera number one. 


4. Choose the protocol. 

Visca is the most practical protocol to use for our cameras. You can scroll through the protocols with the PTZ joystick until you see 'Visca'. Press [ENTER]  again to confirm.


5. Baud rate

Scroll through the baud rates using the PTZ joystick until the value 9600 comes up, press [ENTER]


6. The Visca address

In this example we chose Visca address 3 for camera number 1 on the CON100. Press [3] then [ENTER] to activate Visca address number 3.


The Controller will now return to the camera setting option in the main menu. Steps 2 to 6 are repeated to install the second camera:

Camera number on CON100


Choose Protocol Visca


Select Baudrate 9600


Select Visca address 5


Press [ESC] to return to normal operation. Done!