The Tally light on the CM70-series (including the NDI camera) is part of the optional license LC70-1 that also includes the Customizable Color Matrix CCM and SRT streaming. Without a license, the LED on the front is not controllable.

On the 4K CM93 cameras the tally light functionality is a standard feature.

There are no status inquiry commands for the Tally light function, but RED, GREEN, OFF commands over VISCA (either IP or serial):

CommandFunctionCommand Packet


(Cm7x only with license active)

Red81 01 7E 01 0A 00 02 03 FFTally Light Red ON
Green81 01 7E 01 0A 00 03 02 FFTally Light Green ON
Off81 01 7E 01 0A 00 03 03 FFTally Light OFF

* Usually the Tally light is controlled via the video switcher.

* If using a CM70-NDI, don't forget to tick the box "Tally Light Enable":