Log into the camera web GUI by typing in a web browser the camera's IP address (by default at for CM4x and CM7x series) and entering the credentials (by default admin/admin). 

At the bottom right of the live preview are the presets tools, as shown below into that red rectangle:

web GUI Presets

To store, call and clear presets:
1- With the PTZ control menu (above, with 8 arrows), position the camera as you want (the focus can be left automatic or set manually).
2- In the Presets number list, select the number of the preset where you wish to store that camera position (ideally reserve the position 0 for the HOME position which is the position where the camera gets after booting up).
3-Click the Pencil icon (SET function) to store it.
* If you press the Arrow icon (RUN function), this will call for the preset that you have selected in the list.
* If you press the Bin icon (CLEAR function), this will delete the preset you have selected in the list.

To practise, you can store several presets and navigate between them (including the HOME position), clear some, set new ones etc..

As reminder:

- Only the PTZ positions and the auto/manual Focus mode are stored into presets (no exposure or image settings are stored)

- Whatever the method selected (remote controller, web GUI, control software as the Onvif Device Manager below), the presets will always be the same ones because they are stored inside the camera (on the other hand and if a control solution has to be used, it would be more reliable/recommended to have these presets stored in the control solution side than in the camera itself).

*** If you are using the Onvif Device Manager software, it is also possible there to call the same presets, but even store new ones or clear them (quick ODM introduction in the article "Using ONVIF Device Manager with Avonic IP cameras"):

Onvide Device Manager Presets