...UVC PTZ control to be more correct. 

Video in English, French and Spanish

1- Stream a video (here with a CM4x)

MENU: Media > Open Capture Device...

Open Capture Device

Capture Device tab:

- Video device name:  Select your camera ("FHD Camera" for a CM4x) 

- Audio device name: Select your audio option

- Click the Advanced options (next copyscreens)

Capture Device tab

Advanced options window (if needed to change some values like the Picture aspect-ratio, etc...) and enable the "Device properties" (to open the next copyscreens):

Advanced options window

* Device properties (1rst window):

Device properties

Device properties 2

* Device properties (2nd window), choose an appropriate Compression format (Color Space / Compression) and resolution (Output Size):

Device properties  3

2- Options:

Now that you have the USB stream of your camera on your screen, you can do a right click on the screen to open the basic options like the video ones: Zoom, Aspect ratio, Crop,..


Also you can open the Extended settings :

- Either from the menu bar at the bottom:

Extended settings

- Either from the top menu (Tools > Effects and Filters):

Effects and Filters

where it will be possible to enable and use many different options in the Video Effects tab like:

- Essential tab >Image Adjust ( Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation Gamma):

Image Adjust

- Geometry > Interactive zoom:

Interactive zoom

- Transform: horizontal/vertical flip, rotation, etc..


- Overlay > Add logo, add text,...


And still many other options... 

*** On Windows side, you (only) have control of the Brightness, Contrast, Rotation (here below with Windows 11):

Windows Camera