...UVC PTZ control to be more correct.

Video in English, French and Spanish

Open Potplayer

MENU: Open > Device Settings

Webcam tab

- Device: Select your camera ("FHD Camera" for a CM4x)

- Under Format, select your compression format and video resolution (as example: "MJPG 1920x1080P")

- Click Open device

Webcam tab

You should have now the USB stream of your camera on your screen

Now to open some basic controls:

Right click on the screen to open the options menu: Select Filters > FHD Camera >Filter Properties

Filter Properties

Now you have 2 tabs:

- Video Proc Amp (where to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, etc):

FHD Camera

- Camera Control (to control the PTZ functions: Pan, Tilt and Zoom):

FHD Camera_Camera Control

Then, Potplayer supports tons of other functions (recording etc)

*** On Windows side, you (only) have control of the Brightness, Contrast, Rotation (here below with Windows 11):

Windows_FHD Camera