Video in English, French and Spanish

Download Potplayer and install it on your computer

Open its MENU: Open > Device Settings


Webcam tab

- Device: Select your camera: "FHD Camera" for a CM4x (Note that from the June 2022 firmware release, each a CM4x/CM7x is recognized with "Avonic" added with the last 4 characters of its MAC address, as example: "Avonic-F01F". A CM22 would be always recognized as "HD camera")

- Under Format, select your compression format and video resolution (as example: "MJPG 1920x1080P")

- Click Open device, now you should get the USB stream of your camera on your screen

Potplayer_Device Settings

* If you need to open the camera settings (as below), click on the 3 dots "..." on the right of "FHD camera" (above picture), or if the video is already displayed do a right clic in the background and go to Filters > FHD Camera > Filter Properties
Filter Properties