(Video in English, French and Spanish)

Follow the instructions below to stream over RTMP (below with the example of Youtube):

1. Log into the web gui of the REC200 (by default on, with username: admin, and password : admin)

2. Open the tab "System Settings" recheck that your ethernet settings are correctly configured to have an internet connection.

3. Open the tab "Live Service/Streaming Setting" and go to the Basic Setting page

4. Select the correct input (HDMI or SDI)

5. Select Mode "Manual"

6. Select output: RTMP/RTMPS. 

Copy the 'Stream URL' given on your Youtube studio webpage and paste it in the 'URL' field of the REC200

7. Copy the 'Default Stream key' given on Youtube and paste it in the 'Stream key' field of the REC200.

8. Video Profile 1080p-6000Kbps is the preferred setting for Youtube. You can also set up these settings manual according to your preferences.

9. Apply these settings and start streaming to Youtube. Youtube will now give you a preview of your RTMPS stream.

** "Choose live encoder settings, bitrates, and resolutions" :