1. Unbox

Verify the contents of the box:

  1. CM22 Camera (AV-CM22-VCU)
  2. USB Power Adaptors (AV-CM20-PSU)
  3. Remote Control (CM-RC)
  4. USB 3.0 cable (AV-USB30-AB)

Handling precautions: Be cautious to take the camera by its base and do not touch the lens

2. Mounting and Installation

The CM22 comes with a detachable integration mount with multiple placement options: 

  • Mounting on a (computer) screen or wall:
  • Wall mounted above a screen:

  • Mounting below a screen:

3. Connections

Connect the original USB3.0 cable to the CM22 (USB3.0 Connector on back side) and then to your computer (ideally in a blue USB3.0 USB port for optimal picture quality and power for the sensor). 

The blue LED, on the left side of the camera lens, should lit during few seconds (and the camera should be listed as "HD Camera" in the Windows Device Manager -under the Cameras category- or in any video conference software such as Zoom, Skype, etc)

The HDMI output of the CM22 can also be connected to a computer instead of the USB (if the computer has a HDMI in port), or connected to any other device with a HDMI input (matrix,..), or just be used as a secondary output for instance connected to a monitor:

* If you need to use ONLY the HDMI output, do not forget to connect the USB cable and the USB Power adaptor to the power net. 

* Please note that the microphone signal is NOT embedded onto the HDMI output

4. Software application

Open a third party UVC based application (VLC, Potplayer, Standard Windows Camera Application, Skype, Zoom, etc.). 

In the video settings, the CM22 will automatically appear as “HD Camera” (as it should be also under the Windows Device Manager > Cameras), select it. 

Example below with the Video settings of Zoom application:

For a crystal clear image we recommend to change the Video Format to to 1920x 1080 or higher when using full screen mode of your monitor.

* Here are below some shortcuts that you use on the remote controller:

* More configuration options are available from the OSD Menu (visible on both USB and HDMI outputs) that can be opened by pressing the [MENU] button on the IR Remote Controller (See OSD options in Page 13 of the User manual)