All CM4x/CM7x/CM9x cameras are provided with an IR Remote Control for full control of the camera and use of the OSD menu.

 IR remote control

a. Power

1. Press the Power button to turn on the camera. If the position preset '0' has been stored, this will be called after initialization.

2. Press the Power button again to turn the camera off. It will turn to the back when turned off, this is called the “privacy mode”.

b. Set

This button has no function with this camera.

c. Camera Select

Up to 4 different cameras can be controlled with only one IR remote Control!

At the top of the IR remote control, you can find the 4 camera select buttons [1,2,3,4] to select the IR channel of the camera that you want to control (pressing some function buttons will make the camera select button -1,2, 3 or 4 in use- flash quickly). 

The default camera IR channel is 1.

1. To control a camera on first use, select camera 1 (IR channel 1) on the remote control.

2. To control a second camera, you first need to change the IR channel stored in the camera from 1 to 2. Then do the following:

  • First turn off the other cameras in the room you don’t want to change, to prevent that other cameras also get changed accidentally.
  • Select camera 1 on the remote control, because the camera is still configured to listen to IR channel 1.
  • Press [*]+[#]+[F2] to change the IR channel inside the camera to IR channel 2. The camera will confirm this on the screen.
  • Select camera 2 on the remote control to control this camera.

Key Combinations: (Default IR address is 1)

[*]→ [#]→ [F1] Camera Address No. 1
[*]→ [#]→ [F2] Camera Address No. 2
[*]→ [#]→ [F3] Camera Address No. 3
[*]→ [#]→ [F4] Camera Address No. 4
The Function buttons F1, F2, F3 and F4 are the colored buttons on the remote.

Function buttons

d. Number Keys

The number keys are used to call presets.

Press the number [0-9] of the desired preset and the camera will respond accordingly (See ‘h’ on how to set & clear presets).

e. Focus + -

1. Push the button [manual focus] first before using the focus buttons.

2. Focus the camera with the [+] and [–] button. 

If the camera does not respond, maybe the camera is still set to auto-focus or the camera IR channel is different than the one selected on camera (See 'c' Camera Select)

f. Auto/Manual Focus

Set the camera to 'auto focus' or 'manual focus'.

If the camera is configured to 'auto focus', the buttons [Focus + -] are disabled.

If the camera is in 'manual focus' (you can use so the [+] and [–] buttons) and the Zoom buttons are used, the camera automatically switches to 'auto focus'.

g. Zoom + -

Zoom the camera with these buttons.

h. Set & Clear Preset

A preset is a specific position of a camera that you save in the camera. A preset is assigned to a number from 0-9.

1. To set a preset, first point the camera in a specific directing and a specific zoom position.

2. Assign the position to a number with the button Set Preset.

3. You can call the preset by pressing one of the numbers 0-9 on the remote control.

Set Preset: [SET PRESET]+[<number>]

Call Preset: [<number>]

Clear Preset: [CLEAR PRESET]+[<number>]

If the position preset '0' has been stored, this position will be called after initialization.

(Use ONLY presets between 0-9 when using the Remote Control. For presets 10 or higher you need a serial or IP connection!)

i. PTZ Keys (up/down/left/right)

Use these keys to move the camera in the desired direction. These keys can also be used to navigate through the On Screen Display menu (OSD)

j. Home

Use this key to set the direction of the camera to the center/default position.


Use this key to enable / disable the Back Light Control feature.

l. Menu

1. Use the Menu button to open the On Screen Display (OSD) menu. This menu is visible on the HDMI/SDI output.

2. If the menu is not in English, press [*]+[#]+[4] to change the Menu language into English.

3. Use the PTZ keys to navigate through the menu. See i. PTZ Keys above.

m. Function Keys (F1/F2/F3/F4)

Used to configure the IR channel of the camera. See 'c. Camera Select' above for instructions.

n. Blank Buttons

These buttons have NO function with this camera.

Other Key Combinations

The following key combinations on the Remote Controller have specific functions. These are:

Combination            Function

[*] → [#] → [4]        Menu set to English
[*] → [#] → [6]        Restore factory defaults
[*] → [#] → [9]        Flip switch (temporary flip to view the image flipped)
[*] → [#] → [0]        Store a new home position
[*] → [#] → [Auto]     Enter into the aging mode, only for quality control purposes
[*] → [#] → [Manual]   Restore the default username, password, and IP address
[*] → [#] → [#]        Clear all presets

Key combinations for switching the video format

Combination                 Function
[#] → [#] → [0]             Switch the video format to 1080p60*
[#] → [#] → [1]             Switch the video format to 1080p50*
[#] → [#] → [2]             Switch the video format to 1080i60*
[#] → [#] → [3]             Switch the video format to 1080i50*
[#] → [#] → [4]             Switch the video format to 720p60*
[#] → [#] → [5]             Switch the video format to 720p50*
[#] → [#] → [6]             Switch the video format to 1080p30*
[#] → [#] → [7]             Switch the video format to 1080p25*
[#] → [#] → [8]             Switch the video format to 720p30*
[#] → [#] → [9]             Switch the video format to 720p25*

Specific 4K video format for the CM9x series

Combination                 Function
[#] → [#] → [8]             Switch the video format to 2160p50*
[#] → [#] → [9]             Switch the video format to 2160p60*

*The camera returns to the video output setting of the system select after a reboot. Read more about permanently changing the resolution of the video output in our article about the rotary/selector switch.