(See video below)

You can set up and operate a camera from its Web Interface also called web GUI where you will be able to have the live preview, adjust the PTZ control, speed by zoom slider, focus and zoom functionalities, presets and many other configuration options (Audio, Video, Network, System) :


* The live preview of the web gui only works if the main stream is set to 'H264'

How to open the camera's web GUI?

Connect your laptop to the camera with a network cable, and type the camera's IP address on a web browser as shown in that pic above. Both CM4x and CM7x cameras have its default web address on (If you don't know what is the current camera's IP address, please read the article "How do I know the IP address assigned to my camera?")

When requested enter the username and password (by default admin/admin) and press LOGIN:

Web GUI  Login

* Important: you need to have your laptop IP address set into the same IP range than the camera (in short, both devices IP addresses should be set into the same network -and not different ones- to be able to communicate at each other).

One possible scenario would be to have both the camera and your laptop connected to a DHCP network (where a DHCP server would assign automatically different IP addresses to all the devices in that same network), in such a case you will need first to enable the DHCP on the camera (See web GUI: NETWORK tab > Ethernet, or from the OSD Menu > Network settings), this will automatically let the camera be assigned an available IP address that will allow it to communicate with other devices into that same network, including your laptop if its ethernet configuration is set also on DHCP or with a fixed IP address belonging to that same network. See article How do I setup my PC's network?

Another scenario would be have the laptop and the camera connected to a network/switch (with no DCHP) or even directly connected at each other with only one network cable: in that case, the camera having already a fixed IP address by default on, you will need to recheck that your laptop has also a fixed IP address (not automatic DHCP one) and within the same network (IP range 192.168.5.x) than your camera. (Open your laptop´s ethernet card settings and apply to your laptop a fixed IP address, for instance (with subnet mask) or whatever other IP address available in the network)

Here is below a video to help you to set a fixed IP address on a laptop (French and Spanish version also available) to open the web GUI of a camera: