IR remote control

1. Standby Key

This button has no function with this camera.

2. Number Key

Call preset PTZ position.

Press the number [0-9] of the desired preset and the camera will respond accordingly (See 13. Reset Key on how to set & clear presets).

3. *Key

Use this key in combination with other keys as in these examples given above and below.

4. Preset Key

A preset is a specific position of a camera that you save in the camera. A preset is assigned to a number from 0-9 (To delete a preset see 13. Reset Key)

1. To set a preset, first point the camera in a specific directing and a specific zoom position.

2. Assign the position to a number with the button Set Preset.

3. You can call the preset by pressing one of the numbers 0-9 on the remote control.

Set Preset: [SET PRESET] → [<number>]

Call Preset: [<number>]

If the position preset '0' has been stored, this position will be called after initialization.

* Since the camera has no output for a serial or IP connection, it is not possible to make presets of 10 and higher.

5. Home

1. Press the HOME key to let the image from the camera return to the "center" position.

2. Or press the HOME key when you are in the OSD menu to "Enter" a sub-menu.

6. Return Key

Return back tot the previous level of the OSD menu.

7. Zoom + -

Zoom the camera with these buttons.

8. Left/ Right Setting Key

This button has no function with this camera.

9. Focus Key

Set the camera to 'auto focus' or 'manual focus'.

If the camera is configured to 'auto focus', the buttons [Focus + -] are disabled.

If the camera is in 'manual focus' and the Zoom buttons are used, the camera automatically switches to 'auto focus'.

Manual Focus:

1. Push the button [manual focus] first before using the focus buttons.

2. Focus the camera with the [+] and [–] button.

If the camera does not respond, check if the camera is set to auto-focus (or that the camera IR channel is different than the one selected on camera, see below)

10. Camera IR Selection Key

Up to 4 different cameras can be controlled with one IR remote Control. You can use the camera select buttons [1,2,3,4] to select the IR channel that the remote control is using. The default camera IR channel is 1.

1. To control a camera on first use, select camera 1 (IR channel 1) on the remote control.

2. To control a second camera, you first need to change the IR channel stored in the camera from 1 to 2. Then do the following:

  • a. First turn off the other cameras in the room you don’t want to change, to prevent that other cameras also get changed accidentally.
  • b. Select camera 1 on the remote control, because the camera is still configured to listen to IR channel 1.
  • c. Press [*]→[#]→[F2] to change the IR channel inside the camera to IR channel 2. The camera will confirm this on the screen.
  • d. Select camera 2 on the remote control to control this camera.

Key Combinations: (Default IR address is 1)

[*]→[#]→[F1] Camera Address No. 1

[*]→[#]→[F2] Camera Address No. 2

[*]→[#]→[F3] Camera Address No. 3

[*]→[#]→[F4] Camera Address No. 4

The Function buttons F1, F2, F3 and F4 are the colored buttons on the remote.

 Function buttons

11. #Key

Use this key in combination with other keys as in these examples given above and below.

12. IR Channel Program Key

Used to configure the IR channel of the camera. See "10. IR Camera Selection Key" above for instructions.

13. Reset Key

This key deletes a preset, so you can use this key again to make a new preset.

1. To delete a preset, press Clear Preset and after that the number of the preset that you want to delete.

Clear Preset: [CLEAR PRESET] → [<number>]

* As is mentioned under Preset Key, you can make and delete presets between 0-9, since the camera has no output for a serial or IP connection needed to make and delete presets of 10 and higher.

14. PTZ Control Key

1. Zoom in first with the camera before you can start using the PTZ Control Keys. See "7. Zoom +-".

2. Move the image with the up/down/left/right keys (PTZ Control Keys).

15. Menu Key

1. Use the Menu button to open the On Screen Display (OSD) menu. This menu is visible on the USB3.0 and HDMI output.

2. If the menu is not in English, press [*]→[#]→[4] to change the Menu language into English.

16. Backlight Key

You can press the backlight key to enable the backlight function if there is strong illumination behind the filmed subject. In that case the backlight function will ignore the bright background and will adjust its exposure on the dark parts of the picture, including the subject. In other cases the backlight function is not needed. See also Mode: Full Auto > Backlight for more information.

17. PTZ Reset Key

This button has no function with this camera.

*** Other Key Combinations

The following key combinations on the Remote Controller have specific functions. These are:

Combination           Function

[*] → [#] → [1]         OSD menu default English

[*] → [#] → [4         1080P@30fps default HDMI resolution

[*] → [#] → [5]         Disable microphone, setting is persistent even after power cycle

[*] → [#] → [6]         Factory default

[*] → [#] → [7]         1080P@60fps default resolution

[*] → [#] → [9]         Enable microphone, setting is persistent even after power cycle