In the CM70-NDI web GUI* (NETWORK tab > NDI), you will find the following NDI options:

NDI Settings

NDI Enable : checkmark box turns the NDI®| HX capability ON or OFF

NDI Control Enable : to enable or disable the camera control by NDI

Tally Light Enable : to enable or disable the tally light by NDI (this option will be always shown but only can be ticked or unticked in the case that the camera has an active license -license to unlock the color matrix, tally light and SRT premium features-)

NDI Name : is the name with which the camera presents itself to other NDI®| HX hardware or software on the local Network (LAN). This is useful for easy camera recognition

NDI Group : sometimes you want to limit visibility of NDI camera to specific systems. Or may need access to NDI cameras from another subnet. The NDI Access Manager lets you assign sources to groups, and choose which of these various systems receive. This setting sets up to which group this camera must belong.

* If necessary, see How to open the camera's web gui?