NDI is supported in all vMix editions including the free Basic edition and the low cost Basic HD edition (vMix is a complete live video production software solution with features including LIVE mixing, switching, recording and LIVE streaming of SD, full HD and 4K video sources including cameras, video files, DVDs, images, Powerpoint and much much more)

First to add a NDI source in vMix, click on "Add Input" (bottom left corner) and then on 'More':

Add Input

This will open the 'Input Select' windows. Go to the "NDI/Desktop Capture" tab and select your NDI source (here the "AvonicLEGOsetup" NDI-HX camera) to add it as an input and click OK :

NDI/Desktop Capture

(Note that NDI applications like here with vMix will automatically detect the NDI devices in the network and their respective names which is more practical than having to specify the IP address etc. The name of the Avonic NDI camera can be customized in its web GUI)

The camera should now appear in the sources list of vMix:

Sources list

* Turn On or Off the Audio on this input

That's it! Now you can select that input and output it from vMix!

vMix output

Note: To send that NDI source from vMix as a NDI output, click on Settings (top right corner) and select the "Output / NDI" tab (Another method would be to click on the gear icon at the bottom of the interface): Turn on "NDI on" on the output you wish (with vMix 4K or Pro edition you can set up all 4 of the outputs)

Outtputs NDI SRT

Now that NDI output from vMix is available on any other NDI products in the same network such as the NDI Studio Monitor below (just need to select the right source from the top left corner menu):NDI Studio Monitor

Tip: To achieve the best results, use at minimum a gigabit network.

* vMix and NDI, System requirements:

  • vMix 17 or higher
  • Intel or AMD processor supporting SSSE3 or higher (This includes nearly all Intel processors released since 2009 and AMD processors since 2011)
  • Window 7, 8 or 10 with 64bit recommended for best results
  • The number of simultaneous sources that can be sent and received will depend on the speed of the processor. A modest 3 Ghz PC can generally receive 4 full HD NDI sources (or more) at the same time.