CM7x series supports balanced audio input with embedding into IP stream, SDI and HDMI outputs:

Balanced Audio Connection

To connect balanced audio to the camera, you need the following:

• Double Male XLR cable with the possibility to connect it to a 5 pins phoenix connector (CTBP92HE/5):

• Audio input device with multiple XLR input/ outputs, such as a mixer.

• PoE (CAT) cable for streaming. See below:


Follow the instructions below to connect the audio cable to the phoenix and the XLR connectors.

1. Connect the wires of the audio cable as is shown in picture 1 to both XLR connectors. Note that the pictures of the connector's back are mirrored!

2. Connect the wires of the other side of the audio cable as is shown in picture 2.


* Take note that the colors of the wires could be different in your audio cable according to the pictures (XLR

and Phoenix connector) below. You need to know which one are the right and left channels and which one is

the GND (ground).