The Windows 10 Camera app uses the webcam or any USB Video conferencing camera to take photos (with HDR, timer) and videos (that you can pause and resume whenever you want, so in one video you capture only what’s important). 

The application can be found in All apps, or search for "Camera" (Windows Start > Camera) to find it

So if you need to test or demo an USB Video conferencing camera like the CM22, CM41, CM44 (or even the CM40 and CM7x-IP on its USB output), you can simply use that app. 

If you have several cameras, use the icon on the top right corner to switch between the cameras (your Avonic camera should be recognized as a ‘HD camera’ or ‘FHD Camera’):

Windows Camera App

Please note that everytime that you will switch back to your Avonic camera, it will make the camera zoom out until its original default zoom position.

* Click on the Video icon if you wish to record, it will give you these 2 new icons: one for 'Pause video recording' or 'Resume video recording' if the video was paused, and the red button for 'Stop taking video':


* If you press on the gear icon in the top left corner, you can configure the camera resolution/frame rate, also the flicker reduction :