There are 2 methods to select and control an IP camera in the Avonic CON300-IP :

(If needed, see first How to assign an IP camera to the Avonic CON300-IP)

1-Press the [ADDR] button on the left side of the controller to list all the cameras on the LCD display (pic on the left) and with the joystick choose the camera that you wish to control.

LCD Panel

Now you can control it with the PTZ joystick! and start to play with the Manual/Automatic Focus, PTZ Speed, etc… 

2-Second method would be to use the shortcut CH1~CH5 select camera buttons:


But prior to this you need first to assign a camera per channel button: Press the [MENU] button, select 'Visca over IP', then "Assign IP Channels”, select one of the channels (CH1, CH2,..) and then assign it one of the camera within the given list. Press few times the [MENU] button (or push the joystick to the left few times) to exit the menu, this will save  the changes. Now you can choose the camera that you want to control directly from its assigned shortcuts button.


- A camera cannot be assigned to several button channels at same time. 

- If no specific camera has been assigned to a shortcut button, the IP address shown would the broadcast one (talking to ALL the cameras in the network)