The 'NDI Remote' application allows you to share or receive a NDI source over the web, and it is available for free at within the NDI Tools pack (for Windows or Mac).

By sharing a simple link or QR code, anyone can contribute live audio and video using any Internet-connected camera device with a browser. Perfect tool for live production!

For instance in that article we will show you how to stream from a smartphone over the public internet and get the video stream displayed on the 'NDI Studio Manager' application on one local network (as it would be possible on any other NDI hardware/software, like a Tricaster, OBS, vMix, etc):

First you need to install the NDI Tools Pack, then click the NDI Launcher on your desktop as shown below, and from its interface open NDI Remote:

NDI Tools

This will open that window below where it is possible to create a link to send to the remote smartphone to let it share its content, or the other way round (2nd tab) to get a link from a remote user (with a smartphone) and paste it in NDI remote. In both methods, the stream will be opened in NDI Studio Monitor.

In that example below, we will explain the 1rst method (sharing a link from the 'NDI remote' application to a remote device like here a smartphone):

From the tab "My Connections" on the left, you can "invite a Remote Source to Connect (in other words inviting a smartphone to connect to NDI Remote to stream its content on NDI Studio Monitor):

My Connections

Choose your Remote Connection (above we chose the 1rst one) and click the arrow/share icon: this will open that pop-up window:

QR Code

Click on the copy icon in the top right corner (or email the invitation or scan the QR code) and send the required link to someone who wishes to send you his video from his smartphone.

In that example, the sender will use a smartphone on which he will open that given link on a web browser (given at a specific address corresponding to that Remote Connection # shown above in the NDI Remote interface)

Example below once the link opened on the smartphone:

NDI Remote interface

(Icons from left to right: the *arrow/share* gives a link to share the remote connection, the *bulb* to light on/off the flashlight -only applied if the front camera is selected-, the *framing grid* to help you to release the best video, the *NDI* to enable/disable the video sharing, the *microphone* to mute/unmute the audio, the *2 arrows* to switch between the front/back cameras, the *video bandwidth* to select low or high bandwidth, and the *gear* to show/hide all these previous control options)

On the other side and to open the smartphone streaming on the NDI Studio monitor, we just need to click the monitor icon (as shown below) either from the main NDI remote interface or from its pop-up window, in both cases from the same selected remote connection:

My Connections2

NDI Studio monitor will open and display the stream (on purpose, in the top left corner I opened the menu confirming the "Remote Connection 1"):

Remote Connection 1

Note that there isn't any probem to close the NDI Studio monitor and open it again as long as the smartphone keeps streaming.

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