NDI KVM allows you to remotely control any laptop (or NDI enabled device like a Tricaster) in your network running 'NDI Screen Capture' and 'NDI Studio Monitor' which are both available for free at www.ndi.tv/tools within the NDI Tools pack (for Windows or Mac). 

('KVM' stands for "Keyboard, Video, Mouse" and usually allows you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor)

In that example below we will control one laptop from another one, both connected to the same network:

On the remote -soon controlled- PC, install the NDI Tools Pack and open the 'NDI launcher' that should show you all the embedded NDI applications. Click on the icon 'NDI Screen Capture', a pop-up should confirm you that "Your screen is now available as a NDI source. Use the icon in the System Tray to configure":

NDI Tools launcher

In the System Tray, right-click on the "NDI Screen Capture" icon and enable the KVM Control:

NDI Screen Capture icon

Now on the 2nd PC (also with the NDI Tools Pack installed), click on the 'NDI launcher' and from its interface open the 'NDI Studio Monitor'. Select the access of your 1rst (remote) PC:

studio monitor

On the 2nd PC you now are able to see the 1rst PC:

NDI on 2nd PC

You just need to click on "KVM" below to enable or disable the KVM control of the remote PC:

KVM Control

* Use the arrows on the left if you need to reposition that tool

Please note that KVM is not maintained across reboots, it needs to be enabled each time

** Introduction about NDI: NDI - Network Device Interface

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