There are 2 ways to reset the REC200 back to default settings:

1- Open the device's web GUI (instructions below) and go to SYSTEM SETTINGS tab to click the Factory Settings button at the bottom of the page:

* Web Gui

  • Open a webbrowser and enter the default ip address of the REC200 (see below). The browser will connect to the unit. (Make sure that the ip address of your computer has been put in the same subnet range of the REC200, otherwise the REC200 is not able to connect to your local network or computer. For a detailed guide how to set up your PC to access a device in another subnet, have a look here)
  • A login page will appear. Fill in the default Username and Password (Default IP address is Default Username and Password are admin / admin

2-Another way would be from the front panel of the REC200: System > Recovery > Yes as confirmed below :