NDI Studio Monitor is available for free at www.ndi.tv/tools within the NDI Tools pack (for Windows or Mac).  

It allows to view or display any NDI video sources accross the network in real time. And it can do much more: PTZ camera control (including presets and focus) and joystick support, display options (flip, Tally indicator..), overlay (Picture-In-Picture), NDI output, recording, etc...even KVM remote control of any workstation (running 'NDI Screen Capture'!  You can even use your phone as a remote controller for Studio Monitor.

Below are just a few shortcuts that you can use with NDI Studio Monitor (not as a permanent solution and less for professional use as they are quite basic and not very handy):

Arrow keys (LEFT-RIGHT-UP-DOWN) to Pan and Tilt the camera. If you hold the CTRL key the PT will be much slower

+/-  to zoom in, out

Page Up and Page Down to focus in and out

F to enable/disable the auto-focus

Home and End to open/close the iris for exposure

to enable/disable the auto-exposure

1-9 to recall preset.

Ctrl + 1-9 to store preset.

* You need of course to have NDI Studio Monitor opened on your screen to use the shortcuts