As reminder, all CM7x outputs (IP, HDMI, SDI, USB) are simultaneous outputs.


Added to that, the IP/LAN output offers 2 independent streams:

- a main stream supporting the different resolutions 1920x1080 / 1280x720, and with a max frame rate 60fps (Note that NDI will use the Main Stream)

- and a sub stream supporting the different resolutions 320x180 / 320x240 / 640x360 / 1280x720 / 1920x1080, and with a max frame rate 30fps.

Therefore, on one hand we have the main-stream that can deliver high definition video (with richness of detail and accuracy) to a display or recording/storage unit, and on the other hand the sub-stream delivering low or standard definition video where resolution would not be so important (monitoring, recording,..) and/or where there would be limitation of bandwidth, storage space, system resources like CPU,...

Both stream are totally configurable from the camera web GUI (VIDEO tab), starting with the Video Encoder menu (below) where it is possible to apply any single combination of resolution and frame rate, but also codec (MJPEG, H.264, H.265), bit rate, etc  :

Video Encoder

- The Streaming Video menu is of course configurable too: protocol (RTMP, SRT), host address, etc : 

- And the Multicast Streaming menu:

Multicast Streaming

* See How to open the camera's web GUI?