Our tracking solution CamDirector® works with two Avonic CM7x-IP cameras: an overview and a follow camera. The software is trained to use the follow camera to pan, tilt, zoom in and out to follow the speaker. The overview camera is used to give you a stationary picture of the entire stage. 

The calibration process takes only a few minutes to complete! But always re-calibrate the system if you move the cameras to a new position.

To ensure the best results, please follow these good practises :

  • SIZE: Minimum room width should be 4x4m

  • CAMERAS LOCATION: placed at a mininum distance of 4/5m from the speaker and as high as possible (ceiling, tripod..), free from any obstacle as from the passage of people. The whole kit should be set on a hard stable platform.

  • LIGHTING: very important to have sufficient light, not too bright or too dark. It is even recommended to configure the camera's exposure and white balance settings to match the room's lighting conditions to produce the best possible image (for instance in a room/studio context with artificial light, set into the camera web GUI the exposure to the AAE exposure mode closing the Iris a couple of steps (F2.8, F3.4..) that will create a deeper depth of field)

  • CALIBRATION: take the 20 calibration points (including 5 calibration points with a sitting/crouching position) in the TOTAL width and depth of the stage (or of the tracking area that you want to define). Do not move until the tally light blinks green ("Calibration point found"). Always make sure that the person to be calibrated his or her face and upper body are fully visible in the shot.

Still, to guarantee the best results, it is recommended not to wear light clothes against a light background or dark clothes against a dark background.

* If the Teacher Tracker software is not switching, check:

  • that the licenses are activated on the CD500 web GUI (Setting > Status).  

  • that the tracking feature is enabled in the CD500 web GUI (Teacher Tracker > Info) and that both cameras are LIVE

  • that the Audience exclusion zone (Tracker > Audience) has not been set above the waist of the teacher

  • if on stage there would be any object that would reflect the speaker or looking like a person that would make the software interpret that several people are on stage

* See CamDirector: different cameras support?