If the Teacher Tracker software is not switching, check:

  • that the license is activated on the CD500 web GUI (Setting > Status):

  • that the tracking feature is enabled(Teacher Tracker > Info) and that both cameras are LIVE:

Teacher Tracker enabled

  • Check the light conditions (If the light in the room is too bright or too dark tracking will not work)

  • that the Audience exclusion zone (Tracker > Audience) has not been set above the upper body of the teacher

  • if on stage there would be any object that would reflect the speaker or looking like a person that would make the software interpret that several people are on stage

The calibration process takes only a few minutes to complete, always re-calibrate the system if you move the cameras to a new location, or when you changed their position within the same classroom.

Also we would strongly recommend you to read the Basic CamDirector¬ģ tips

And finally be aware that the goal of the CamDirector is not to track the teacher as much as possible, but to give a calm and a pleasant to watch video on the output. The system prevents too much switching between cameras during a typical 1,5-hour college lesson.