For any updated information, please refer to the documentation available online

Before you start the calibration process, make sure:

- To have a specific IP address for the 2 cameras as well as for the CamDirector (see CamDirector® Quick Start Guide)

- To have a valid tracking teacher license in the CD500 web GUI: Setting > Status (contact Avonic if needed)

- To install the cameras in a fixed position and with a fixed configuration to the light conditions of the room (the cameras should not be moved or the configuration should be changed once the calibration process has started or after completing the calibration. Any changes made to the camera's position, pan, tilt, zoom, and/or light conditions require re-calibration of the Teacher Tracker software)

Calibration can be done with one person, but it is recommended to calibrate the software with two persons: one before the cameras and one behind the computer to configure the settings and to give instructions on where to stand in the room or podium.

(As a reminder, the CamDirector web GUI can be opened on the default IP address using the default username: admin, and Password: admin)

1. Click on Teacher Tracker > Calibration in the blue bar. You will see that picture below:

2. Click Start Configuration. Configure the Pan, tilt, and Zoom levels of the "Overview" camera as shown below (With regards to the "follow" camera, the zoom has been removed from a specific firmware release where the zoom level is now determined automatically by the system during the calibration)

Make sure that the person to be calibrated his or her face and upper body are fully visible in the shot (see picture below). Make also sure that the person to be calibrated is alone in front of the camera. With two or more persons (with their face) before the camera the software is not able to find a detection point and will wait until it has found one.

Overview camera

3. Click Start Calibration. At the bottom of the next page, a bar appears that is slowly turning full. The number of calibration points will increase during calibration:

Calibration procedure

* Press the abort button if you want to abort the calibration.

The camera will blink 4 times red when the calibration is in progress. If a calibration point is found, both the cameras are blinking green, and the person to be calibrated can then move to another position in the room or on the podium (see CamDirector: Calibration tally light status). Make sure to use the full width of the room or podium and take at least 5 calibration points in a sitting position on a chair. Repeat this until all calibration points (20) are found and completed.

And finally, the camera tally lights will be solid green if the calibration is successful and the software will automatically return to the configuration page.

4. Optionally navigate to Teacher Tracker > Audience and set the audience exclusion line (Click on the blue line at the bottom of the preview. You can drag the audience exclusion line up or down to exclude the people you want to exclude)

5. Go to Teacher Tracker > Info page and enable the Teacher Tracker toggle button. 

In less than 10mns, the Software is now ready to follow the teacher!