Barco ClickShare is compatible with the CM22*, CM4x and CM70 series. This compatibility allows you to create the best video conference setting possible for your customer. The ClickShare range from Barco exists from three different unique products.

  • ClickShare CX-20: Turn small huddle rooms into inspiring meeting rooms
  • ClickShare CX-30: Enjoy interactive meetings with people from all over the world
  • ClickShare CX-50: Premium wireless meeting in HD quality for large meeting rooms

* Note that in the case of the CM22, the Barco system is not able to make use of the built-in microphone and it is also not powerful enough to power the camera, see the official information on the Barco website ("For cameras that also expose a microphone without exposing a speakerphone, only the camera functionality will be used by the system" ... "Only peripherals with USB 2.0 power can be powered directly by the Base Unit. In case the peripheral requires to draw more power, either connect it to the USB-C connector (if this is indicated in the list to work) or use a powered USB hub in between").

Below would be some typical questions to troubleshoot an issue within a system using Barco Clickshare:

- First, try to define what is the current problem, when/how is it working, and when not? (Video, Audio, clickshare/button not recognized by the base unit,...)

- Was it working before or is it a new installation?

- Not working even in the most basic setup? (Base unit directly connected to the camera with its original USB cable, and to the monitor with a short HDMI cable. In general, avoid cheap third-party cables, the usage of long USB/HDMI cables, the use of "in-between" devices such as HUBs or converters, and badly functioning hubs or adapters may even cause damage to the ClickShare Base Unit...)

- If needed, check the USB camera with its original USB cable directly to a laptop (If connected directly to the ClickShare Base Unit with its original USB cable, just swap the ClickShare Base unit with the laptop). if not possible, check at least that the camera is powered and responding to PTZ commands from the remote control.

- Try all USB ports on the laptop if necessary (If using a USB adapter, it should be compliant with the USB specifications of the USB port it is being connected to). Don't hesitate to try with another laptop too.

- Has the clickshare/button correctly been paired with the base unit? (Connect all the devices and restart the Base Unit to let it configure. Wait until the Base Unit is fully booted and then pair the Button with the Base Unit to store the updated configuration on the ClickShare Button). Do you have an issue even when using another clickshare/button?

- How is the status of USB peripherals? (this can be seen from the WebUI (, admin/admin) > Display & Audio > Peripherals, or via the icons shown in the status bar of the ClickShare wallpaper. The device will not work if it's not listed)

- Try a lower resolution to see the results

- If one USB device requires more power and doesn't have a separate power supply, try with a powered USB hub.

- Don't forget to meet the OS and system requirements as detailed in each Clickshare Product Spec sheet available on the Barco website

* For all questions related with microphone & speakers support and issues, we would advise you to recheck Barco's information online

* When it comes to designing a USB system, it can important to take into account the limit of USB devices:

USB - Tiers and system design,