The CamDirector® is a platform which runs the Teacher Tracker software (software for teacher tracking) installed on a CamDirector AI Processing Unit (hardware controller, beating heart of the CamDirector Teacher Tracker).

More specifically, the CamDirector® is a whole bundle composed of these SKUs:

2x AV-CM7x, cameras in black or white color and with 12x, 20x or 30x optical zoom

1x AV-MT220, Wall mount for 2 cameras in black or white color

1x AV-CD500, CamDirector AI Processing Unit

1x AV-CD-TRAC1, Teacher Tracker software


* Note that the CamDirector® system works with two of the SAME camera models: two CM70-IP (or CM70-NDI) with 20x optical zoom, or two CM71-IP with 12x optical zoom, or two CM73-IP cameras with 30x optical zoom.