This Knowledge base article will help you update your CamDirector® AI Processing Unit, the CD500, to the latest firmware and software of active licenses.

The release notes listing the latest improvements can be found on our website. Currenty version is 1.9.4. (December 7th 2023)


Connect the CD500

To update the software of the CamDirector® your unit must have an active internet connection. This is not a requirement for normal usage, so it's possible you need to do (re-)do this every update.

  1. Connect an ethernet cable to the CD500 and plug it in the ethernet port.
  2. Log in to the Teacher Tracker web GUI (by default on with user: admin and password: admin)
  3. If the CD500 is still on default IP settings you need to configure a correct gateway to make an active internet connection
  4. Go to Settings > Network. Either connect the CD500 to the DHCP server, or manually add the defaults. 
  5. Click Save Changes and press Reboot
  6. Wait for the CD500 to have been rebooted and log in at the System IP address that you have just set.
  7. If the CD500 isn't responding on that IP address, check the HDMI output for the IP address during the boot sequence.

You need to define a gateway for the CD500 to be able to connect to the internet and fetch updates.

Screenshot of the CamDirector WebGUI Network settings

Check for updates

To check if there is an update, the CD500 will need to send a request to the server to see if there is a newer version available. If your CD500 is already connected to the internet, the system will periodically check if a new update is available. If there is a new update it will automatically be downloaded but not applied. The user will still have to press the "update now" button to apply it.

If this is the first time your CD500 is connected to the internet, it can take 15 to 20 minutes before an update is downloaded.

Use the following steps to see if there is a new update available on your system or available online, and how to apply the update.

  1. Log in to the Teacher Tracker web GUI. Use the IP and user from earlier when following the above instructions
  2. Go to Settings > Status. On the bottom you see Firmware/Software.
  3. Click Check for updates to see if there is an update. Your system will tell you that it's either up to date, or if there is an update. Two possibilities, there is an update available, or you are up to date.
    1. No new update is available, your system is on the latest version. You can stop this procedure.
    2. There is an update available, click on download latest.
    3. Wait a couple of minutes and press Update now to start the update.
  4. You will get a pop-up message asking you to confirm the update. 
  5. Your CD500 will automatically reboot to apply the update. 
  6. When you log back in and go to the same page, you should see that the update has been installed.

The version number shown in the images might differ from what is available on your CD500.

What is next?

The most recent versions don't require you to re-calibrate the Teacher Tracker Software. But if you are coming from version V1.0.1, we recommend to re-calibrate your system to make sure all the latest features are updated in the software running on your CD500.

If for some reason, the update is not applied, reboot the system by unplugging and plugging in the power cable and follow the above steps again.