To update the firmware of the Teacher Tracker software:

- Connect the CD500 (hardware controller) to the router/internet

- Log in to the Teacher Tracker web GUI (by default on, admin/admin): Settings tab > Status, and check that the gateway of the router is correct and the device is on a subnet with access to the Internet

- Leave it online for 15 to 20 minutes 

- Click on "CHECK FOR UPDATES" (if any error, go back and follow the process)

- Click on "UPDATE NOW" 

- Once finished, the CD500 should reboot

If, for some reason, the update is not applied, try completely rebooting the system by unplugging and then plugging in the power cable

* Only from V1.0.1 to a newer version we would recommend to re-calibrate the system after

* One good thing to know is that the system will always check online if a new version is available, once automatically downloaded the system will run that latest version at the next reboot.