When streaming locally on IP, it might be beneficial to set some higher encoder settings to get the best performances

(Note that these configuration tips below are not 'the way to go' under all circumstances, they will be first interesting for an onsite demo for instance)

First, be sure that your camera is set to the 1080P60 video format (Key combination [#] → [#] → [0] on the remote control, or from the web GUI > VIDEO > Video Format + SAVE button!):

Video out format

Then set better encoder settings in the VIDEO tab > Video Encoder: just change the “Bit Rate” from default 4096 to 15000 Kb/s, the “Frame Rate“ from 25 to 60 F/S and the “I Frame interval” from 75 to 20 and click SAVE:

(Note that these settings cannot be changed from an IR remote control):

video encoder

Now you can stream on IP! 

For instance with Onvif Device Manager, or Potplayer as shown below: 

Open the URL of your camera IP stream (by default on rtsp://

MENU : Open > Open URL…

pot player-open URL


Write the URL of your IP stream, for instance rtsp://

pot player-open URL._RTSP

Click OK,and now you can open your IP stream in Full Screen