To easily switch between different shots (and to save up some time), PTZ cameras support Presets which are specific Pan/Tilt/Zoom positions. They can be stored and recalled from an IR remote controller (as explained below), the camera web gui, a controller, a control system… You can store up to 255 presets (with 0.1° accuracy) within our cameras.

This article will explain how to set a preset with the CM22 remote controller where each preset is assigned to a specific number from 1 to 9 (preset 0 is reserved as the default preset/position after the camera boots up if it needs to be different than the default HOME preset).

1. To set a preset, first point the camera in a specific directing and a specific zoom position (Setting > DPTZ should be ON. Setting > Zoom can be set up to 8x)

2. Assign that position to a number by pressing the PRESET button, then the number you wish.

3. You can call that preset (or any other preset previously set to a number) by pressing its corresponding number on the remote controller.

To sum up:

To set a Preset:   [PRESET] → [<number>]

To call a Preset:  [<number>]

4. Now if you wish to delete a preset, press the RESET button, then the number that corresponds to that preset (Note that assigning another preset/position to that number will erase the previous preset)

To sum up:

Clear Preset: [RESET] → [<number>]

Remote Control

* Note that for Preset 10 and above you will need another solution (web GUI, control software, IP or serial commands..)