A license is required to use the CamDirector® Teacher Tracker (tracking solution), contact Avonic or your local distributor if you need one or need to renew your existing one.

Q: How does the subscription licence work?
A: The subscription is a yearly subscription that is automatically renewed.

Q: Who is the subscription holder?
A: The subscription holder will be in general the distributor or system integrator that orders the subscription at Avonic, but If this would be preferred, the end-user can also take the subscription directly at Avonic.

Q: How does renewal work?
A: A subscription is for 1 year and automatically renewed for another year unless 2 months before the renewal date the subscription is terminated. The subscription holder is responsible for the payments.

Q: What do I get for this subscription licence?
A: An end-user gets the right to use the software. There is no fee for buying the software, only the fee for using the software. End-users can always use the latest version of the software, so updates are included. It is expected that the software will improve noticeably over time. Updates will be distributed over the air, every unit can be connected to Avonic’s online platform and can be monitored and updated from there.

Q: My end-user wants a 5-year all-in price in a tender proposal.
A: If this is the only way to offer the CamDirector in a tender, this is possible. As an integrator, you can offer an all-in price to your end-user for using this product for 5 years and request Avonic to invoice the subscription licence already for the next 5 years. Please note that after 5 years the subscription still will be automatically renewed for 1 year unless it is terminated.

Q: My customer cannot handle subscriptions, can’t I just pay a one-time fee?
A: No, this is not possible. For this type of product, it is very important that every customer will always run the latest version to guarantee a good customer experience. That is why we choose a subscription mode which is very common in some departments of Universities and more and more AV brands are offering software as a service and support contracts with recurring fees.