Obviously this is NOT one of the best practises having a camera looking at a window with natural light or looking at a bright light, but if this has to happen try first to add more front lighting to the object to film (as a camera for photography would use a flash when taking the picture)

Then are some recommendations regarding the camera configuration :

First, turn ON the Backlight Compensation:

- From the camera web GUI > VIDEO tab > Camera settings :

Backlight Compensation

* Note that the BLC option is only supported in the AUTO exposure mode (not in the other -MANUAL, SAE, AAE, BRIGHT- exposure modes)

- Or from the IR remote control pressing the "BLC ON/OFF" button:


Second recommendation would be to activate the DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) option also available in the camera web GUI > VIDEO tab > Camera settings. You can increase the DRC level until you have a satisfying image.

* Explanation from the CM7x user manual: The DRC works by compressing the natural dynamic range of the image by taking out the darkest and lightest parts. This can be a particular helpful setting when the light conditions are challenging. The differences should be clearly visible in dark parts of the image, as they will become lighter/more grey as the level of DRC increases.

An eventual recommendation would be also to play with the G.Limit (Gain Limit) which is the maximum level of artificial brightness and contrast that the camera can automatically add to the image, this is why that you should try to not set it not too high otherwise this may produce a washed out, greyish picture!  

All these above options are also available on the OSD menu > Exposure :


* Note that the OSD Menu is visible only on the CM40 and CM7x HDMI and SDI outputs (not on its USB or IP outputs), and only on the USB output of the CM41 and CM44 videoconference cameras