The REC200 has the possibility to put a text and/or picture overlaid over the video output. 

Note that:

- This option is only intended for setting this once before streaming and only with one picture! (Otherwise this option will cause a hick-up in the stream (video and audio), because the REC200 will build up the stream again after a change to its settings)

- It is also not possible to place a running time on the overlay stream


Follow the instructions below to select a text and/or picture as an overlay:

1. Open the tabs Text Overlay and Picture Overlay and respectively select "Title only" and enable "Picture Switch".

2. Text overlay: type in the field the text you want as overlay, choose the color, font size and location and click Apply.

3. Picture overlay: Click the icon Pic1 and select the jpg, jpeg, or bitmap file you want as overlay and click Apply.

4. Live stream the video to see the text or picture as an overlay (note that you will see nothing in the preview on the status page of the REC200).

*Fill in the same size width and height as the picture for overlay for the best resolution.

*For a picture with transparent background read How to create a transparent BMP in User Manual Page 30 (When the transparent background image is superimposed, only bmp format images with alpha channel are supported)


Once uploaded your picture to the web GUI, click Apply 


- Text can be in White, Yellow, or Green

 - Location of the image can be: Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Center, Middle Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right

More information in the REC200 User Manual