The CamDirector Teacher Tracker Connection and configuration are already covered in the following articles:

CamDirector® Quick Start Guide

CamDirector: How to calibrate the Teacher Tracker software?

However this article comes to sum up the main guidelines to follow step by step: 


• 2x Cameras of the SAME CM70 series camera model (CM70, CM71 or CM73)

• 1x MT220 double wall mount

• 1x CD500 ("CamDirector AI processing unit" that runs the teacher Tracker software AV-CD-TRAC1

• HDMI and CAT cables

2- Connections:


(Plus a monitor connected to the CD500 HDMI output and a laptop to the CD500 ethernet port)

3- Configuration

• Higly recommended would be to configure the cameras exposure mode and white balance according to the circumstances of the room (either from OSD, either from web GUI: VIDEO tab > Camera settings)

• Set the camera and CD500 network settings to your preferences and reboot (CD500 has the default IP address, with web GUI credentials admin/admin. CD500 Network settings are in System tab  > Settings. Cameras have the default IP address and their Network settings are in NETWORK tab > Ethernet)

• Assign the two cameras IP addresses to the CD500 (System tab  > Settings)

• Be sure that all changes have been saved, and reboot

4-Calibration (Teacher Tracker configuration):

•  CD500 web GUI: Teacher Tracker > Calibration > Click Start Configuration


•  Configure the Pan, tilt, and Zoom levels of the "Overview" camera (Note that the software will automatically detect the zoom level for the "follow" camera to get the best ratio between the presenter and the shot frame).

Overview camera configuration

•  Then click Start Calibration. At the bottom of the next page, a bar appears that is slowly turning full (image below). The number of calibration points will increase during calibration. Use the full width of the room/stage and with ONLY ONE person. Take at least 5 calibration points in a sitting position on a chair. Repeat this until all calibration points (20 in total) are found and completed. Always make sure that the person to be calibrated his or her face and upper body are fully visible in the shot.

Calibration procedure

* The camera will blink 4 times red when the calibration is in progress. If a calibration point is found, both cameras will blink green, then the person to be calibrated can move to another position in the room or on stage. The camera tally lights will be solid green if the calibration is successful.

The software is now ready to follow the teacher. 

* Optionnally you can set an audience exclusion zone in CD500 web GUI: Teacher Tracker > Audience (see CamDirector: Audience exclusion)

* Note that you cannot control the PTZ functionality of the camera or see a video output over IP in the WebInterface of the camera when the Teacher Tracker toggle button is set to ON.

* Any changes made to the camera's position, pan, tilt, zoom, and/or light conditions require re-calibration of the Teacher Tracker

* Tip: Go to Settings > Status, and check if there is a new firmware update available. If so, update it (see CamDirector: Firmware update instructions).