vMix supports controlling multiple Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras directly from the main interface (here explained below) and by shortcut and/or joystick control.

Camera presets in vMix are named "Virtual Inputs", designing so for a particular PTZ camera a particular pan, tilt and zoom position when selected.

Now, let's see how to set these camera presets in vMix:

After adding the camera to vMix (Add input > More > Camera or NDI), open its 'Input Settings' by clicking on the gear icon (bottom right of the input):

Input Settings

Go to the 'PTZ' tab to get the PTZ control settings:

PTZ control settings

(PTZ Control is an advanced feature only found in the 4K and Pro editions of vMix and that can be enabled on any input, providing the ability to enable PTZ support regardless of how the camera is connected, be it SDI, HDMI, NDI or RTSP Stream...but the PTZ camera will need to be connected -with network cable- to the same network as vMix in order to be controlled!)

See image above: In 'Device Type', select "Sony VISCA over IP" (this is the control protocol supported by the Avonic cameras), add the camera IP address, and click Connect. (Note: only PTZ cameras that support network control are supported)

Use the provided PTZ controls to move the camera into the position you wish to create a virtual input for, and then click the green 'Create Input at this Position' button: you should be confirmed with an "Update Input #" message than a virtual input/preset has just been created (in the pic below, 3 virtual input/presets have been created):

Create input

In the main interface of vMix where all your inputs/sources are, this will create a new input based on the current camera and PTZ position (your preset, or 'virtual Input') every time that you will click the "Create input at this position" button

(Note: You can also right click on the gear icon and choose "Create Virtual Input")

Any time one of these inputs is selected into Preview, the PTZ camera will automatically move into position.

As conclusion, PTZ enables the operator to create the illusion of a large multi camera production with just 2 PTZ cameras!