After the PIN is correctly entered (by default 111111), you can operate the CON100. The CON100 has three different “Menu’s”:

Non-Setup menu: to control a camera while filming (Move the Joystick up, down, left and right to control the camera. Turn the joystick clockwise to zoom in and anti-clockwise to zoom out. The button on the joystick is for switching between zoom and focus)

Setup menu: to change the settings of the CON100 (See below)

OSD menu: to control and change the camera settings itself (See How to open the OSD menu of the camera with the CON100)

CON100 Setup Menu

Use the joystick up and down to scroll through the menu features. Move the stick to the right to enter the menu features and move the joystick to the left to leave the menu features. It is also possible to use the button to leave a menu feature, or delete a wrong insert