The controller has 3 wires:

• Power with female JEITA connector

• RS232 with 3 pin Terminal Strip (By Specs, maximum distance for RS232 is about 15 meters)

• RS485 with 2 pin Terminal Strip (By Specs, maximum distance for RS485 is about 1200 meters)

CON100 Connection Diagram

VISCA network connection diagram

When connecting multiple cameras through RS-232, use daisy chaining network architecture. Max cable

length for RS-232 is 10-15m.

RS232 Connections

RS485 network connection diagram

To connect multiple cameras by RS485, the cameras are attached to a 2-wire twisted pair bus (max length

1200m) that is terminated at both ends with a 120 Ω impedance resistor. The maximum distance from the bus

to the camera or controller is 5m.

RS485 Connections