In that example below we are going to add an Avonic CM70-IP camera as a source in OBS (here to use the IP stream of the camera), start the "Virtual camera" feature on OBS which will allow to have that camera in the video options of any videoconferencing software (Zoom, Skype, Teams etc)

Start by opening OBS and creating a new scene (here we will call it "VideoConferencing"). Then, add a new source by clicking the + icon (Sources column) and select "Media Source" option

OBS Media Source

Rename it if you wish ("VideoConf Camera" in that example):

Creaste new source

Disable Local File option and fill the Input field (here with "rtsp://" which is the default local IP stream of an CM70-IP camera)

Add IP stream URL

The video stream should appear in the OBS windows. Then click on the "Start Virtual Camera" button on the right:

Now you camera (stream) is ready to be available in the cameras list of the videoconferencing platforms:

- Skype:

- Zoom:

- Teams: