There are several ways to set your camera to DHCP (but not by Visca command on IP or serial connection)

- From the Web Gui: 

Go to the Network tab > Ethernet

Enable the DHCP option and click SAVE:


Then, you need to reboot the camera (System tab > Reboot):

- From the OSD menu of the camera:

(to open it, press the MENU button of the remote control)

Go to the Network Settings tab

Use the arrows to change DHCP from OFF to ON:


Press MENU few times to close the OSD menu

Then reboot the camera with the POWER button of the remote control

- By HTTP API command:

Type this command below in a web browser (change the IP address accordingly if necessary):{"SetEnv":{"NetWork":{"stEth":[{"byValid":7}]}}}      

("byValid":5 would be to disable the DHCP. See HTTP API commands in the camera user manual)

It should always return the positive output {"nRetVal":0, "szError":""} as shown below:


Don't forget to reboot the camera with that command:{"SysCtrl":{"Reboot":{}}}

- By CURL command: 

It is also possible to change the camera setting by using the Command Prompt from Windows:

curl “”--data-raw “szCmd={"SetEnv":{"NetWork":{"stEth":[{"byValid":7}]}}}  

(In CURL, we need to double the quotation marks between the brackets!)

Then you need to reboot the camera with:

curl “” --data-raw “szCmd={""SysCtrl"":{""Reboot"":{}}}“

All as shown here:

As for HTTP API, it should always return the positive output {"nRetVal":0, "szError":""}

• Note that if DHCP is enabled and no DHCP server is available on the network, the camera will be available on its previous assigned IP address or to a fallback IP address between and After the camera start-up, it is worth rechecking its IP address on the camera HDMI/SDI outputs

• If you don't know the cameras IP address read: How do I know the IP address assigned to my camera?