In this example below we are going to upload by FTP a recording stored in the REC200 to the Filezilla server installed on a PC (placed in the same network and IP range than the REC200)


First of all, download and install the Filezilla server from

Open it (by default it will take the loopback IP address and its administration port 14148, leave them like this and click OK):

filezilla server

From the interface menu, click on Server > Configure and in the Settings windows go to Users tab to create a user (with/without password, under or not of a group) with Read and Write permissions as in this example:

Filezilla Server user configuration

Don't forget to specify the virtual path (/) and a native path (e.g. C:/FTP as above) of the ftp folder that will receive the uploads.

* As test, you can also install Filezilla Client to send some files (e.g. a text file as below) to your Filezilla Server using the same loopback IP address above or your PC IP address and your FTP user credentials, as example:

Filezilla Client


Below in the REC200 web GUI (Record/FTP Upload Setting tab) we are simply following the FTP instructions available in the user manual (Page 26):

- Upload path (FTP://IP-ADDRESS on standard port 21, If you prefer to use another port use the following format: FTP://IP-Address:PORT)

- FTP Username

- FTP Password. Don't forget to click on APPLY everytime you make a change in the settings.

(Note that the is the IP address of my PC when runs the Filezilla server)

Select the file(s) that you want to upload and click START UPLOADING


(If the REC200 keeps trying to upload the file, be sure that the Filezilla server is enabled -click the "Start FileZilla Server" shortcut on the Desktop for instance-)

If successful you get that confirmation pop-up window :


You can also recheck that the file has been correctly uploaded into your FTP folder, as example:


Many issues can arise like related with configuration, communication ("ftp fail:ftpput: can't connect to remote host"), permissions ("ftp fail:ftpput: unexpected server response to STOR: 550 Permission denied"), etc .. the type/number of error received may give a clue about what's wrong

In some cases it may be also useful to disable temporarly the firewall to see if it can cause some issues (FTP port not open etc)