There are unique presets available in our PTZ cameras. Some are well-known, others are remnants of the many-year-old VISCA code to provide legacy support or backward-compatible usage.

For instance, Preset "0" is well known as the first position on startup to go to. This can be useful when the camera isn't installed with the home position being the start position. 

But lesser known is that preset 95 opens the OSD menu on the SDI and HDMI output of our IP Cameras. Preset 94 closes the OSD menu again. Also in the 90 range is preset 90 that calls home.

Preset 90 - Home
Preset 94 - Close OSD on HDMI/SDI
Preset 95 - Open OSD on HDMI/SDI

When you try and store a position on these presets, it won't save these. 

It's advised to avoid the full range for preset 90-99 as these can contain other legacy features for other brands of cameras. As for Avonic, only the above presets are used.

When we have source material on this, we will link it here. 

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