Avonic PTZ cameras are often used in conferencing setups, controlled through third party control systems such as MVI, Televic, Bosch and cMeets by Arbor to name a few. 

Typically we get some questions on how to get the most out of the cameras. This article should shed some light on the subject in combination with Bosch Dicentis Conferencing systems. 

If you feel something is missing or have a suggestion on how to improve this article, feel free to contact the development team at support@avonic.com 

This article only deals with the specific settings regarding the positioning, zooming and focusing of the cameras. If you are looking for recommendations about color character and quality of the actual video output, have a look at the General camera recommendations and settings article for more information regarding exposure and color settings under different circumstances. 

The cameras should be under very strict control of the videoconference systems, leaving the cameras no room for interpretation mistakes which can easily happen due to various reasons; for example, think about a clerk bringing a drink walking through the filmed scene, causing the autofocus to respond resulting in a speaker who is out of focus for a moment. 

The main objective is to direct the camera with clear and precise commands such as: 

  1. Pan, Tilt and Zoom Position - stored in internal camera preset
  2. Manual Focus mode - stored in internal camera preset
  3. Manual Focus position - stored in internal camera preset

In the screenshot above you see the opening page of the webgui (use an incognito browser window for viewing), where you can position, zoom and focus the camera as necessary and store those settings in presets. 

The preview on the webgui is not intended for prolonged periods of time, it might display some latency. Refresh the page to minimize the latency. 

Extra (optional) tip:

Disable the IR receiver for extra security to prevent the cameras from being directed into the wrong position by external parties, either by accident or on purpose.