If you are experiencing problems with your Avonic camera, or want the features that come with the latest software, our first step of advice is always to flash the camera's firmware to the latest version. This is a quick-and-easy process you can do to rule out any issues that may stem from using outdated software. This article explains where you can find your camera's firmware and how to run the update in just a few simple steps.

  1. To make the firmware easy to find, we have included them on the product pages of the respective cameras. Simply find your camera there, scroll down to the downloads section, and select the correct firmware for your camera. Below is an example for the CM93-IP camera, but the process is identical for CM40 and CM70-series cameras.
    Tip: some download pages have multiple firmwares types listed. Be sure to select the correct type for your camera. For example, if you own a CM93-IP, do not try flashing the firmware of a CM93-NDI, the camera will not accept the incorrect upgrade file.

  2. Extract the files from the zipped to a convenient location on your PC.
  4. Open the camera's web GUI. We recommend the use of private or incognito mode to avoid any cache issues. The cameras default address is, though this is likely altered by your system administrator or the camera's DHCP mode (How to find your camera's IP address). If you are unsure of the camera's IP-address, you can reboot the camera and the IP-address will display on the top left corner of your HDMI or SDI connected screen. The default username and password are "admin" and "admin".
  5. Select the "System" tab (1) and find the "Update" link (2) in the menu on the left:

  6. From the recently downloaded files select the ARM file (3) and click Upgrade (4). The camera will update and reboot automatically.
  7. Navigate again to the update page
  8. From the recently downloaded files select the UVC file (3) and click Upgrade (4). The camera will load the file and reboot again. Your firmware is now flashed.
  9. If you wish, you can log in again to the camera's web GUI and check whether the update page now shows that the camera is running the new firmware.

Note that the zip file usually contains several files: 

- ARM file that corresponds to the "MCU version" shown here on the web GUI

- UVC file that corresponds to the "Camera Version" also shown here on the web GUI (here you may have two files: one for the Black camera version and another for the White version, just choose the correct one according to your model! 

- The Release Note PDF confirming all the new functions and changes made into that new release and previous ones.

- The Update_readme text file confirming how to perform the camera firmware upgrade.

The update procedure is to always flash these two files. Failure to do so might lead to inconsistencies and certain features not working properly.

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