This brief overview explains the process of updating your CM40 or CM70 series cameras.

(Video available in English, French and Spanish

  1. First of all, located the firmware for your specific product on our website. Look for the download icon accompanied with the firmware information. on the product's page. like shown to the right.
  2. Extract these files and store them in a convenient location on your PC.

  3. navigate to the camera's IP address and login to the WebGUI
    (Default is With Username: admin Password: admin)

  4. Select the "System" tab (1) and find the "Update" link (2) in the menu on the left:

  5. Select one of the recently downloaded and extracted files (3). The zip file usually contains 2 or 3 files, 2 of which are mostly identical (choose the one according to your exact model) and click "Upgrade" (4)

  6. Wait for the camera to finish flashing its' firmware and the camera will reboot automatically.

  7. Login to the camera again and now flash the other file which contains "ARM".) The update procedure is to always flash these two files. Failure to do so might lead to inconsistencies and certain features not working properly.