By default, all Avonic PTZ cameras have a fixed IP address set to with username and password 'admin' 

The current IP address is shown on the SDI and HDMI outputs after the camera has successfully been powered up. 

IP Address

Through the OSD menu, it is possible to activate the DHCP mode or keep the IP static 'as is'. It is not possible to set the IP address to a different one, that possibility is only available via the WebGUI

The login page of the WebGUI looks like this: 


When you are logged into the WebGUI of the camera, you either set a fixed IP address or let the camera receive a DHCP address from a DHCP server (usually the router or gateway on the Local Area Network or LAN). You can find these possibilities in the 'network' tab of the WebGUI:

Ethernet Settings

If your camera is not set to DHCP, or there is no router in the network, you will need to change your PC or Mac's local IP address to the same network as that of the Avonic camera to access the WebGUI. You can find instructions here for how to do this on a Windows PC, and here for how to do this on a Macintosh computer.

If the camera is set to receive an IP address via DHCP and it boots up without receiving an IP address from the DHCP server, it will resort to a so-called fallback IP address, self-appointed,  in the range

In this case, the IP address might not show correctly during the boot sequence, as the camera is at that point in time, still waiting for the DHCP server to provide an IP address. 

The correct way to find the self-appointed fallback address is to wait until the camera is booted up completely. 

Use the included remote control and navigate the OSD via the HDMI or SDI output to view the current IP address:

Netowrk Settings OSD

Remember that each time the camera is rebooted, the fallback address can be different. 

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