Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where the camera is set to a certain resolution, which is not supported by the monitor or TV you're currently connected to. Therefore, you can not use the IR Remote and change the resolution using the OSD menu. 

Luckily, there are several other methods to change the resolution:

IR remote shortcuts

have a look at this article to change the resolution using your IR remote without the need to use the OSD menu.


When using a AV-CM70 series camera you can simply log in to the web interface by browsing to the cameras' IP address.  You can change the output resolution under Video -> Output Format

Rotary dial

On the back of every camera, you find a rotary dial. This dial allows you to set the resolution with just a simple screwdriver. The required settings and output resolutions differ per model, so please have a look in the manual of your product to find the right setting.

HTTP API commands

Our CM70 series cameras support a full set of HTTP API commands, to change virtually every setting on the camera.

Ther specific command to change the resolution is shown below where 'xxxxxx' needs to be replaced with a numerical value. Please find these values in your manual.