How to upgrade (or flash again) the CM22 camera firmware 

(Video available in English, French and Spanish)

If it would be necessary to upgrade (or flash again) the CM22 camera firmware :

1- Plug the CM22 to your laptop (to a blue USB 3.0 port to deliver enough power to the CM22...once connected, the CM22 blue LED should lit)

2- Download the CM22 firmware file located on the CM22 product page.

3- Unzip the file and open the firmware upgrade tool "USB Upgrade Vx.x.x.x.tar" (with WinRaR software from or if you don't have any software on your PC to open a .rar file)

4- Inside the folder "USB Upgrade Vx.x.x.x", double click on the "USB Upgrade Vx.x.x.x" program to execute it.

5- Once the program opened, choose "MTD" in the Type list, and load the CM22 firmware file, then click the UPGRADE button. (Obviously don't disconnect the camera while it is upgrading!)

USB Upgrade tool

After few minutes, a popup windows should confirm that the upgrade has been completed.

USB Upgrade tool._Completed

* Check that CM22 works on your preferred software (Windows Camera, Skype, Zoom, VLCC...)